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Leadership Exercises

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Leadership Exercises

Do you feel that you can't achieve your objectives by just talking around a table.

Do you feel that you and your colleagues need to step outside your comfort zones, think outside the box or simply get a different perspective on things?

Adrenalin's leadership exercises are planned in close consultation with yourselves. All you do is tell us what you want to improve, teach or enhance. We will design an exercise with you.

All exercises last a minimum of half a day and are conducted in the rolling scenery of Aske Estate using woods, tracks and moorland.

Ask about the two most popular exercises:

Escape and Evasion

An exercise to improve contingency planning. You are escaped prisoners on the run. You have a map, radio, compass and a given route and rendezvous with a friendly agent. You have limited time to plan how to move on the given route, how to avoid the armed guards who are looking for you. You need to plan what to do just in case it doesn't go to plan - and be assured it won't!!

The Patrol

An advanced exercise in emergency and tactical problem solving. Your team are tasked with clearing the wood of any remaining terrorists. You have limited training but plenty of ammunition. How will you react if you are attacked? Can you control your team effectively under pressure?


Photo: Challenge of the monkey bars on the assault course
Photo: corporate team building exercise


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