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Paintball Fields

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Check out the BFBS Video of our Paintball Fields! Click here >>

Purgatory - Wild West Town - Take a Closer Look >>
A fantastic purpose built setting, with a boot hill grave yard, Big D Ranch, Church, Post Office, Barber Shop, Bank and a Sheriff's Jail. Are you quick enough on the draw?

Photo: Purgatory, The New Wild West Town at Adrenalin Yorkshire

The Z Bunker - World War 2 Combat Zone - Check out the video >>
Two storey giant bunker, multiple rooms, escape hatch. field has an observation Post, Fuel Dump, Machine gun and rocket bunker, Mortar pit complete with Mortar.

Photo: Paintball game at Adrenalin, Yorkshire

The Maze
A complex fantasy arena of dead ends and wrong turns, hidden positions and tasks.

Medieval Fort
A full sized medieval fort with twin towers, multiple rooms, a tunnel, moat and 3 draw bridges

Photo: Paintball game at Adrenalin, Yorkshire

The Patrol
Just under a kilometre long patrol lane trough thick woodland. Be prepared to be hit, especially if you are lead scout or tail end charlie.

Bridge Too Far
A fortified bridge wedged between two minefields, bunkers, foxholes and barricades on each of the bridge.

And a lot more. We have different scenarios on every field - these are only a few examples!

All fields are rebuilt and improved constantly!


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